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Cutting Diagrams Software - Otimize Nesting

Looking for improvements on your cutting diagrams?

Here you´ll discover how to save material, manage your production and save time using a software tool to automatically generate cutting diagrams.

The Cutting List

A cutting list simply contains measurements, materials and quantities of the parts that will be produced.

Drawings of each part or even sketches of the whole sheet with all parts positioned over it are some of the other common ways to represent a cutting diagram. Either way, the main goal is to guide the cuttings on the sheet or plate to separate parts for production.

None of the options above entirely fulfill today professional needs. They are very unproductive, error-prone and lead to bad material usage.

The ideal solution for an efficient cutting list is a software that can perform nesting and optimization of the parts in an automatic, quick and simple way and at the same time with an optimal material usage.

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