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  • Igor Kondrasovas

8 killer features will change the way you fabricate

A typical question after seeing that comparison is: I've heard the buzz about Otimize Nesting, what are its killer features that set it apart from tools I've used before?

1 - Effortlessly create cutting plans

Here is how to start creating cutting profiles in 5 minutes:

  • Create a new production order

  • Add parts width, length and quantity

  • Click on the "cutting plans" tab and then "make nesting"

We can assist you to properly configure cutting parameters so then can match your real cutter features. 2 - Automatic material and labor cost calculation

Use our automatic calculator to assist you during quote creation or material purchases. You can configure the unit cost for each material, finishing, cut operation, assembly, shipping, etc and then Otimize Nesting calculates total costs. What does it mean? You can use Otimize Nesting even if you do not cut sheets in your company. Automate this calculations will make under control of your contractors and will help you during purchases or quotes creation. 3 - Use the power of cloud computing


We created Otimize Nesting so you can work in any computer connected to the internet. Your production orders and part lists stay privately in the cloud so you can access them anytime you need. There is no need to invest in software licensing, staff, backups, servers, etc. 4 - Reports to use on the shop floor

Word Report

Print out reports that are easy to understand, edit and use on the shop floor, specially when you have non automated machines. You will never waste material due to wrong cutting operations or second guessing how to better use material. It is just a matter of sticking to the plan. 5 - Manufacturing

Export resulting layouts in standard .DXF files so you can use your preferred CAM program. Alternatively, we can create machine code specific to your post processors.

6 - Software as a Service You can purchase Otimize Nesting as a subscription. While it makes sense to your company, you will get updates automatically and will not have upfront costs with licensing, implementations, upgrades and maintenance, while using the latest technologies. 7 - Outstanding technical support Talk to us using email or online chat. We assist you since the first cutting plans until the most advanced technical challenges. 8 - New features every week Otimize Nesting gets better with age. Think this is a killer feature list? Our development team constantly works to make it even more killer... Adding features to delight your subscribers and make your life easier.

You can find more features and post new ideas at our feature voting forum here.

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