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  • Igor Kondrasovas

Share your ideas and help us innovate

To increase our engagement with our customers, we created Otimize Nesting feature voting forum to capture your feedback. We are excited to have so many people who have taken the time to help us create a better product.

We understand that any software system or app for business should exist to support a business process. In our case, to help you:

  • Reduce fabrication time;

  • Create quotes in less time with no errors;

  • Keep track of material sent to contractors;

  • Eliminate waste.

Every company has a different workflow, and one of our biggest challenges is to develop a productivity solution that can be used by you and many other companies worldwide.

Make things that matter, first

Every day, we receive emails and contacts with suggestions and feedback. The way we see, these people want to keep using Otimize Nesting, but maybe there is something that does not fit 100% sure on what they need.

We prioritize these things when it makes sense to the product. Or maybe, we add a new feature than can be activated and deactivated. Or maybe, a new product must be created!

We take every feedback seriously. So the forum created is to make things more transparent and open for expansion. The image bellow show an idea sent to us and we are reviewing to include in our product backlog.

Feature Voting Idea

We invite you to join us, post your idea or vote for the ones there. Let's create something important!

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