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  • Igor Kondrasovas

5 Myths About Nesting Programs

Nesting programs are not usually found on small shops. We want to change that and allow micro and small fabricators having simple yet powerful software to be competitive.

So we collect six myths regarding questions we usually hear regarding nesting software programs.

Nestign Program Myths

1 - I need an ERP software

Actually you don't need any other piece of software to start saving material and labor. You can create optimal cutting layouts with a single nesting program and type everything you need on it. No special licensing, setup or configuration.

2 - I need a CNC cutter

This is a myth. You can cut sheets and boards using a shear, guillotine, saw or any mechanical cutter. Obviously having a CNC machine allow you to directly transmit cutting commands to the cutter.

In other cases, you can use reports and printouts of the cutting diagrams to plan and guide cutting sequence.

3 - Nesting programs work only for mass production

Actually, small shops with custom parts are the ones that more benefit from nesting programs. The more different part sizes and quantities you have together, the more optimized the results will be.

With custom jobs, the time for estimates and fabrication is small and you cannot waste time guessing the better cut layouts. Use an automatic nesting software to make this task fro you.

4 - I need to have my project in 3D CAD programs

If you have parts to be cut in CNC machines with complex profiles, using arcs and non rectangular shapes, than you may have to start from a DXF file.

But you do not have to use the same high end CAD used by design team.A simple free 2D CAD program is enough for you prepare you drawings to nesting.

If you produce rectangular parts, you do not have to use a CAD program at all. Typing the width and length of each part or importing from an Excel spreadsheet is enough.

5 - Nesting programs are only useful for machine control

We believe nesting programs should automate repetitive and time consuming tasks, like calculating cutting time, so you can spend more time creating quotes and estimates rather than making math.

Using nesting program to create quotes and estimates is more than recommended. But you can use them to purchase raw materials or follow up jobs sent to cutting contractors, making sure the correct quantity of sheets are consumed.

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