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  • Igor Kondrasovas

Heroes and the Myth of the Visionary

Recently I was reading a Ted Hall article , from ShopBot Tools about how investors and VCs mindset has shaped the startup model.

More specifically, the irony existing in the fact that manufacturing startups, to be get invested or even recognition must include outsource their manufacturing to China, to become more than a "life-style" entrepreneur.

This brings me back to 2013 when I was attending at the first Lisbon Challenge program where we had the opportunity to see a Brant Cooper workshop when he mentions the new reality of manufacturing in USA and the changes to our economy.

But what is really interesting here is the connection with Ted's article and the "Myth of the Visionary" workshop Brant presented at that time.

As an software entrepreneur helping manufacturing companies, we notice how conservative numbers tend to be in this industry and how difficult is to find good examples of manufacturing startup that have high growth back by investors.

I had the opportunity to speak with some Angle and VC funds in the past years and the clearly expect more commercial traction and growth from us.

But at the same time, they were not capable of giving a single name, of a single company in the entire world I could compare or reference.

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